Are you thinking about remodeling? Have you considered the material you want for your cabinets and countertops? Roughly 10 million households remodel their kitchen yearly. Concrete countertops are the second most popular material trailing slightly behind marble countertops. Soares Concrete & Masonry in Philadelphia is the leading construction company that can make your concrete countertops dream a reality. What are the benefits of concrete countertops?
Simple Maintenance

After the company installs the concrete countertops, they use a sealant to finish the work. This sealant gives the concrete countertops a shine and protection. Cleaning the material is simple with warm water and non-abrasive soap. It is important to reseal the concrete countertops every few years for optimal performance. But other than that, they will stay perfectly intact. Soares Concrete & Masonry has expert concrete layers that can pour and install fabulous new concrete countertops.

Concrete countertops are practical for the kitchen and bathroom. With the sealant, stains are unlikely to become an issue. Also, concrete countertops are heat resistant. This means you can put a hot pan or curling iron on the countertop, and you will not damage the material. This is excellent for home cooks who like to feed and entertain their families and friends. If the concrete countertops develop a crack, you can repair them with minimal effort. Soares Concrete & Masonry has the dedication to beautifying your home with years of experience.

Virtually Indestructible

Concrete countertops are one of the most durable and long-lasting materials. There are still concrete structures from ancient Roman times that are still standing. Your concrete countertops will likely withstand the test of time as well. Just be sure you seal it every few years. Little things could happen, such as minor scratches or cracks, but those are easily fixable. Soares Concrete & Masonry are licensed and bonded for your protection. Their reviews are top-notch and will leave you satisfied.
Increase the Homes Value

Every improvement that you make on your home can increase value. Did you know specific improvements can increase the value more? When you decide to install concrete countertops, the deal boosts significantly. Even if you are not currently choosing to sell your home, this enhancement can make a sale more effortless later. Soares Concrete & Masonry services Philadelphia and the surrounding areas as well as NJ and DE.

Call Soares Concrete & Masonry at (215) 960-8477 or visit their website to make an appointment. They will come out and give you an estimate of the costs of producing and installing concrete countertops. Start your remodeling journey with Soares Concrete & Masonry. You will not be disappointed!